Angie Brown

Angie Brown is available to book for your special event – we work in direct association with Angie Brown’s representative as a booking agent for her. Angie is a true performer, she has the ability to adapt and change the sound of her voice to fit most styles of music. Her years of training both as an actress and session singer coupled with pure dedication means her sound goes from being a very cute nasal one to seductive sixties sound that is great to hear on pop songs. The sound that Angie is most known for though is the all-powerful dynamite house, soul and gospel diva one which can also translate down to a beautiful refreshing almost childlike airy voice but with a touch of smokiness that works on ballads and jazzier tracks. 

Every artiste needs a big break and Angie’s came in the early nineties when she was freelancing for an agency in an attempt to become known. Then came Bizarre Inc. who were looking for a big voice to perform their next track following the success of “Playing with knives”. One audition and three months later the “I’m Gonna Get You” was mixed and the pre-sales were 45,000, it went straight into the UK National charts at #17 and finally rested at #2.