Described as “powerful”, “dynamic” and “full of soul”, Lorena Dale is quickly establishing herself as a regular on the London live music scene.
With influences ranging from Sade, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone and Aretha Franklin it’s easy to understand why she is at home with the jazz-soul genre, and why when she sings it is with pure emotion.

Lorena is no stranger to big crowds, having performed early in 2017 to no less than 18,000 people at the renowned MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, where she opened an Awards ceremony, complete with Vegas dancers.
She then flew to Scotland to perform at StereofunkFestival as part of the headline act, The Time Frequency, the acclaimed electronic dance music group who had a number of chart singles in the 1990’s.
Currently the lead singer of the band, Lorena played a sold out show with TTF in 2016 at the O2 in Glasgow, and her powerful vocals can be heard on their single “United 2016” (Spotify, Amazon and iTunes) and on their upcoming album “Futurelands”.

An international Artist in the truest sense, Lorena has performed at high profile events across Australia, Italy, the USA and the UK including the Negroamaro Wine Festival, Make a Wish Foundation Charity Balls, and Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model. She has also sung for royalty - HRH Prince Charles at one of his Prince’s Trust Charity Events.

When not travelling the globe, developing her culinary talents or performing at a prestigious event somewhere, Lorena can be found in the studio lending her distinctivevoice to songwriters, producers and other artists as a session vocalist.
As a singer/songwriter, she has collaborated with DJ’s and Producers from all over the world including New York, Canada, France, South Africa, The Netherlands, Israel and the UK. Some of her toplines can be heard on “Life is What You Make It” (Hilton Caswell - SQ Music) and “Imagine Yourself” (Olivier Garth - Kraak Records).
She is currently working on her EP where she is exploring her jazz-soul roots through her own music.

An Artist with a diverse career, one thing is certain; whether it’s a low-key intimate setting or a high-octane concert of festival proportions, Lorena’s raw, powerful vocals and theatrical flair continue to captivate audiences worldwide.